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These researchers stated that while outcomes thus far have generally been favorable, further evaluation of the long-term safety and efficacy of MSA is needed as this device is often used in patients with decades of life ahead of them. Loh et al examined if the LINX Reflux management system is an effectives treatment for patients with symptoms of GERD not controlled by PPI. A total of 48 LINX-related papers were identified using the reported search, of which 3 represented the best evidence to answer the clinical question. The authors, journal, date and country of publication, patient group, study type, relevant outcomes and results of these papers were tabulated.

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When you work for yourself, it’s difficult to see how you can have the time to support all client, everywhere. If you do the numbers, even supporting 1/2 of the babies struggling with reflux in your locality could be overwhelming. I want to make sure I can support you to GROW your business, to attract your perfect clients and to earn you the income that supports the life you want to lead.

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Normative data for laryngopharyngeal reflux events using hypopharyngeal multichannel intraluminal impedance . The pepsin-related mucosal injury was initially studied in vocal fold tissues . Pepsin may induce macroscopic and microscopic changes in the vocal fold mucosa, including epithelial cell dehiscence, microtraumas, inflammatory infiltrates, Reinke space dryness, mucosal drying, and epithelial thickening . The development of severe dysplasia and its resolution after LPR treatment may probably support the potential impact of LPR in the development of some vocal fold morphological changes in nonsmoker patients. Clinically, LPR may have an impact on the clinical presentation and the therapeutic response of patients with asthma , which supports that the LPR-related inflammation may reach the bronchi. The observation of patients with LPR and chronic bronchitis that was not attributed to another disease supports the importance to keep in mind that LPR may be an irritative factor of the lower airway. In the same way, pepsin was found in the trachea and bronchi of patients with idiopathic stenosis .

The main novel finding of the present study is the ability to estimate the bidirectional association between GERS and sleep disturbances. Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly, the present study indicates a stronger association between sleep disturbances or insomnia disorders as a risk factor for GERS than the opposite. Exposure to sleep disturbances and insomnia disorders and relative risk of severe gastroesophageal reflux symptoms .

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The maximum total score is 26 points, and generally, a score of 7 points or more is considered indicative of LPR. To assess the potential adjuvant therapeutic effect of CPAP treatment on LPR, we compared RSI and RFS pretreatment and three months post-treatment. Complications of GORD are uncommon, however, it is important that it is identified early and managed appropriately. Referral to a specialist may be required for formal investigations such as combined intraluminal impedance and pH monitoring, barium study and/or endoscopy and biopsy.

Furthermore, the inter-rater reliability and agreement between otolaryngologists for laryngoscopic findings suggestive of LPR is suboptimal . The prevalence of GERD in asthmatics is reported to be between 34% and 89% . Estimates vary greatly depending on the group of patients studied and how acid reflux is defined (e.g., symptoms or 24-h pH monitoring), being highest in specialized centers dealing with complicated asthmatics and studies defining disease by pH testing. Abnormal acid reflux values may be as common in asthmatics without reflux symptoms («silent refluxers») as those with chronic heartburn complaints . In the case of postfundoplication patients, patients may present with ongoing symptoms on the basis of a failed procedure or initial misdiagnosis of GERD as the basis of the symptoms. Further complicating the evaluation, some postfundoplication patients present with dyspeptic symptoms that are recognized consequences of an adequate procedure but may be confused with GERD. Appropriate and careful patient selection with judicious use of preoperative reflux testing combined with a high success rate for fundoplication makes the need for postoperative reflux testing uncommon. pH monitoring is appropriate in the evaluation of postfundoplication patients with reflux symptoms who have not responded to empiric trials of PPI therapy.

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