Festival D’automne Orgue Et Couleurs 2021 In Montreal

She is a staff member for Montreal’s Center for Gender Advocacy and is one of the main advocates spearheading the current trial fighting for the rights of trans migrants, trans youth and non-binary individuals in the province. Kama’s work is grounded in the exploration of justice, love, healing, decoloniality, hybridity, cosmopolitanism and self- and collective-empowerment. They believe that aesthetic practices have the power to build resilience and act as resistance to the status quo, thereby enacting an anticolonial praxis through cultural production. when anger is all you know, anger becomes the only way through which we relate to one another. we find kinship in our shared rage, and when the bonds kinship fail us, we react with rage redoubled. one example of this is the much-critiqued «callout culture,» the practice of publicly denouncing one another for oppressive behavior – a practice that often strays from its intended purpose of creating accountability into the realm of bullying and political grandstanding. another is the intimate violence that occurs silently within our sexual and romantic relationships, the sexual assault and emotional/physical abuse that is so common yet so unacknowledged among us on the radical left. I was going to present something a bit more theoretical, and perhaps also a bit more coherent – a piece of persuasive writing about the devaluing of emotion in social justice organizing and why we need to centralize feelings of love and anger in our various movements.

ZOM-FAM was named a CBC Best Poetry Book and a Globe and Mail Best Debut of 2020. It was also a finalist for the Quebec Writers Federation Concordia University First Book Prize and the Writers’ Trust of Canada Dayne Ogilvie Prize for Emerging LGBTQ2S+ Writers. A theatre practitioner since the age of 15, Kama immigrated to India at the age of 18, and completed a BA in Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Pune. During this time, they trained in contemporary dance, and Kathak under the mentorship of Pt.

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This summer, Vtape is supporting Phase 1 of curator/scholar Andrea Fatona’s crucial research project the State of Blackness Database. After 10 years of education and 25 years of employment within the fields of graphic arts and indigenous social work I believe I have enhanced my awareness of community needs that touches on all areas of life. I strive to connect on a level that does not interfere in personal healing and encourages goal setting to meet their needs. My experience involved printing, and design and layout in the past Tekawennake newspaper, child protection, domestic violence education, drug and alcohol addictions support and therapeutic support utilizing energy modalities.

Elsewhere in Russia, a reform attempts to make algorithmic systems responsible for the circulation of ‘fake news’, but this law operates within a fraught political context. In this paper, I outline these reforms, develop a taxonomy of the dominant regulatory approaches and assess their effectiveness. It is worth noting that the Banff sessions quickly evolved into a series of onsite intensive discussions about social engineering , and community engagement . While feedback during and after the Summit noted that there was no funding provided to subsidize artistic, non-profit or civic actors to attend the event itself, none of the hybrid ways of convening on a face-to-face basis experienced at Banff could be undertaken at all in the year that followed.

Interview With Concordia University President Graham Carr

As for the name for the band, it had been bouncing around Zinta’s creative mind-studio for a few years. Zinta, who is also a graphic designer, liked the idea of a having a «tough bird thing that could look like feminine claws» and https://www.cbc.ca/arts/exhibitionists/international-women-s-day-9-artists-who-are-making-a-difference-1.3481136 the silly spelling of the word Ruff brings in an almost antithetical element. The name of their EP, Tuff Stuff, is a quirky play on the silliness of words. As for Kate, when asked about her zombie apocalypse plan, she says she’d join Zinta’s bike gang. After spending some time with Zinta and watching her rock the stage live, so would I.

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