Festival D’automne Orgue Et Couleurs 2021 In Montreal

He is also a songwriter as well as a music producer and recording studio engineer. an award winning documentary and commercial filmmaker, photographer and art practitioner with many assignments and exhibitions to his credit throughout Canada, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, the U.S.A. and Africa. After 5-years of teaching at Durham College inthe School of Media Art and Design, Leroux recently returned to Ontario College of Art and Design University to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Art Media and Design. Formally educated in sculpture and installation art at the Ontario College of Art and Design and York University, Devine’s most enduring learning came from her grandparents, who were trappers on the Canadian Shield in northern Ontario. Bernard Leroux, an experienced industry filmmaker, photographer and recent graduate of the Integrated Art Media and Design program at OCAD acted as both Teaching and Research Assistant during the course of the project. The Uncover/Recover journey spanned not only considerable territory of the mind but also covered a lot of physical territory both on and off campus. The Queer Pride Chronicles is a forum for LGBTTIQQ2SA communities to add thoughtful content to Pride.

The film explores the situated identities of black lesbians through detailing the pressure of adhering to socially mandated rules and roles within the community. Onuorah unpacks the complexity of these rules through conversations with community members who problematize these categories and provide an understanding of their impact on members who do not adhere to these norms. In order to further explore the complexities of lesbian community identity, Onuorah builds on the discussion through conversations with white lesbian community members, demonstrating that rigid boundaries of identity categories are not limited to black lesbian communities. While the filmmaker develops the perspective of those who are positioned against these prescribed community expectations, Onuorah also creates a space for those who live by and are represented within these roles. To enlarge the focus on performance art and to further promote the dialogue of aesthetics within our contemporary context, artists participating in this festival will be paired with an industry professional to lead a post-performance discussion with audience members. We would like to provide a creative opportunity to an artist who is passionate about this field and who would benefit from an opportunity to explore the complexities, challenges and risks that are inherent within this practice.

An Unforgettable First Year At The Concordian

As many studies have shown, social media posts that express odd or radical views and ideas have a higher potential of being liked, commented on and shared. The same features that provide an amazing service of self-actualization – rapid responsiveness, engagement, virality – simultaneously propel the extremization of expression. This vanishing trick is the key to understanding the Quayside project, while also telling us something about the general concept of «smart cities.» An examination of the Quayside project reinforces the extent to which «smart city» is a marketing device. It also highlights the extent to which such projects are designed to provide the illusion of accountability while maintaining top-down control over the project. Ubiquitous commercial surveillance may now be a political landmine, but it’s also necessary to make a Google-style smart city work. The paper proposed for the conference at McMaster will address outdated policy and procedural considerations for working with community archives currently imposed by research and ethics boards as well as constraints resulting from legislation or regulatory limits. Many of these boards and policies purport to encourage knowledge mobilization or sharing (for-profit or for social benefit) through the increased circulation of media material. Despite considerable attention paid to the roles played by digital platforms in mediating and organizing the economy and sociality, there is a dearth of knowledge about how the platform economy is operationalised, discursively, politically, and practically in China.

In return, people provide platforms and the media with a degree of engagement that allows for monetization. Populism and polarization are structurally embedded into this social-economic symbiosis. Users get involved in self-actualization through the recognition by others – through their likes, comments, shares and other forms of automated and accelerated social exchange.

Thank You The Concordian

In Belo Horizonte the CEIA already held eight international events of fine arts, focusing on various languages ​​and establishing areas of training and exchange for many artists locally, nationally and internationally. Susan Brinton has decades of experience in film and television policy and analysis in Canada, and is nationally respected as an expert and spokesperson in this area. Her background includes senior management roles in the Canadian private broadcasting sector http://blog.littleredtarot.com/ and federal public funding agencies. Susan has been a policy consultant and led producer-focused international export development initiatives for the Canadian Media Producers Association and other industry organizations.

Joan is a founding Partner/Producer at Artemis Pictures which is focused on developing and producing high-end scripted content for television and the cinema, for international audiences. Joan was Vice-President of Independent Production for ZoomerMedia Limited, Television Division. She commissioned, developed and executive produced hundreds of hours of award-winning creative content in all genres for VisionTV. Joan spearheaded VisionTV’s ground-breaking DiverseTV/NSI initiative which produced award-winning comedy and drama programs and earned her a Visionary Award from the ReelWorld Film Festival. For five years, Joan served as Executive Director of Women in Film and Television — Toronto (WIFT-T), where she established professional development training and networking opportunities for women in screen-based media. Speaking to the interaction between public service media and technology clusters around the world, with an analysis of the case study of the CBC in developing various platforms approaches for new and other content in local CBC operations in Toronto and Hamilton.

organizers Strive To Create Safer Space For All The Bipoc Involved

She taught a screenprinting course in her third year, but upon graduating, found herself unsure about a career as a teacher. Instead, Lin worked in the studio arts office for a few years before Tony Patricio, the office administrator, convinced her to apply for a teaching position. She got her first teaching job in 2004 and has been an instructor at Concordia ever since. Over the past 20 years Monique has produced several video documentaries about Indigenous issues.

Land Art: Investigating Humanitys Relationship To Nature

Her medical transition as a teen was covered internationally by the media, given that transitioning at a young age was not well known at the time. She is the first trans woman to have performed gender affirmation surgeries, and she currently practices in California. She also performs Clitoral Restoration surgeries free of cost for those who have undergone genital mutilation. Kama La Mackerel is a Mauritian-born multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal. They have created and hosted local initiatives such as GENDER BENDER, Qouleur Festival and Our Bodies Our Stories. They have had artist residencies in places like Mai-Montreal and in Halifax, and have presented their work both nationally and internationally, such as in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. The book was widely reviewed by publications including in World Literature Today, Brown Girl Magazine, Arc Poetry Magazine, Xtra etc.

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