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The House of SAS team have occupied this historic site and are turning it into a 1930s circus-themed extravaganza. Just take look at the big ideas that have failed in human history, like fascism, slavery, and communism. None of these ideas were stopped because those in power relinquished to the people, or because the legal system intervened—in fact, legal systems were used to justify the advances of these disgusting ideas, just as is being done now with capitalism. Of course, I don’t actually think 300 million+ people have given up on these ideals. But it does appear that way, which is what really matters to those whose only ideas on the state of America come from the media.

He has most recently shown work as part of QTPOCMontreal and is published in Gay Genius, and anthology of queer comics. LeRoi is a founding member of the St. Emilie Skillshare a community based arts space in Monreal, Les Blues a Black queer and trans performance arts group and is an inaugural staff at Canada’s first public Africentric school. This paper analyzes the policy proposals of new «left populisms» for the regulation and reform of the «platform capitalism» .

From Thick Skin To Femme Armour: On Femme Of Colour Art, Organizing And Resistance

Straddling media, social practice and performance art, her work has been presented throughout Canada and internationally. Wanted, a collaboration with Camal Pirbhai, was shown most recently at the Art Gallery of Ontario and uses the trope of fashion to transform 18th century newspaper posts by Canadian slave owners into contemporary fashion ads. Freedom Tours, created collaboratively with Cree-Metis artist Cheryl L’Hirondelle is a national commission for LandMarks 2017/Repères 2017 that consists of participatory, site-specific events that re-imagine and reanimate land and water from Black and Indigenous perspectives. She has lectured at various institutions such as University of Toronto, Algoma University and Toronto School of Art and is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design and York University’s Masters in Environmental Studies program where she is currently a PhD candidate. Elisha Lim is a queer and transgender story-teller and graphic novelist, whose book 100 Crushes was published by Koyama Press and nominated for a Lambda. Her artistic practice is based in performance art, photography, video, AR and VR within the contemporary context of global feminism. Her work deals mainly with cultural intersections created by globalization and asks what it means to be a citizen of the world today. She opens dialogues about «deterritorialization» and «disessentialization» in culture and how to transform socio-political landscapes through performative gestures.

  • The platform is managed by the Coalition of Independent Media Art Distributors , which brings together eight media distributors from across Canada, i.e. most of the distributors of independent film and video that receive operating support from the Canada Council.
  • You may include images, videos, print, or digital documentation of your work as links, PDFs, or image files.
  • Without a personal investment in Singapore, I wouldn’t have researched further into its scant Twitter mentions and learned its squalid underbelly.
  • Alternatively, Charlotte is interested in the cultural history of arcade gaming, and practices of speed-running and emulation.
  • As a Métis/Anishinaabe person, Bernard related closely to the concept and creative potential of Uncover/Recover and was thrilled to serve on the project.
  • Wendy has spent the past 20 years in the visual effects end of the film industry where she has worked at some of the top companies, including IMAX, Digital Domain, Cinesite UK, Relativity Media and many others.

As a Studio Y social innovation fellow in Toronto, Fatin has been documenting and examining the intersections of climate and racial justice through an anti-oppressive framework. He is interested in documenting and working on projects addressing social inequality, transition to renewables, indigenous sovereignty and climate migration. Fatin is a photographer with Project Survival Media and have been featured in The Guardian, Briarpatch magazine, and The Independent, and has contributed photos and writing to, No One Is Illegal, Greenpeace Canada, UNEP, Samara Canada and the 4Rs Youth Movement. Cherish Violet Blood is an actor, storyteller, comedian, activist and Blackfoot woman. She is a graduate of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto, ON and has performed all over North America. Select credits include creator/performer in Material Witness , creator/performer in Making Treaty 7 directed by Blake Brooker and Michelle Thrush in Calgary, AB, the lead role in Maria Gets A New Life by Cliff Cardinal . One of Cherish’s favourite roles is playing Annie Cook in The Rez Sisters by Tomson Highway. As a natural comedian Cherish has hosted CD Release Parties for such artists as Cris Derksen, Tara Williamson, Timber Timbre and Fiver as well as community events and fundraisers.

Montrealpride & Events

There have been many illustrious and influential figures who have brought their stories and work to Concordia’s H110 auditorium for the Lecture Series on HIV and AIDS since its inception in 1993. Singer Diamanda Galas, dance legend Margie Gillis, General Idea surviving member AA Bronson, AIDS hero Steven Lewis, activist writer Sarah Schulman, South African documentarian Khalo Matabane, and recently, adult film actress Lara Roxx, to name only a few that come to mind. This is not the first time gender markers have been debated about in Quebec.

Qouleur Festival

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